Friday, 20 December 2013

GPRS: General Packet Radio Service

General Packet Radio Service (GPRS) may be a packet-data technology that enables GSM operators to launch wireless information services, like e-mail and net access. As a result, GPRS provides operators with the flexibility to use information to drive extra revenue. GPRS is commonly known as a two.5G technology as a result of it's a GSM operator's start toward third generation (3G) and a primary step in wireless information services.

though GPRS may be a data-only technology, it helps improve GSM voice capability. once AN operator deploys GPRS, it can also upgrade to a vocoder, a brand new kind of voice computer user that turns voice into digital signals before they pass over the wireless network. The vocoder uses adaptative Multi-rate speech transcoding (AMR) technology, which might handle double as several coinciding voice calls as a network that uses the recent vocoder. As a result, GPRS permits GSM operators to accommodate extra voice traffic while not the expense of deed extra spectrum.

GPRS supports peak transfer information rates of up to one hundred fifteen kbps, with average speeds of forty to fifty kbps, that is appreciate different two.5G technologies, like CDMA2000 1x. GPRS speeds square measure quick enough for applications like multimedia system electronic communication Service (MMS) and an online browsing expertise appreciate a wired dial-up electronic equipment. GPRS conjointly permits customers to keep up a knowledge session whereas responsive a telephone, that may be a distinctive and exclusive feature to GSM. GPRS conjointly provides AN always-on information affiliation, thus users don't ought to go online every time they require information access. The packet design conjointly implies that users pay just for {the information|the info|the information} itself instead of for the airtime wont to establish a affiliation and transfer data.

GPRS is that the most generally supported packet-data wireless technology within the world. Like GSM, GPRS supports international roaming thus customers will access information services whether or not they square measure reception or abroad. once users jaunt areas that haven't however been upgraded to GPRS, they still will access several information services via circuit-switched GSM.

The significant world operator and user adoption of GPRS has created a client base that has attracted dozens of device makers. As a result, thousands of models of GPRS phones and computer card modems square measure presently on the market. In fact, nearly all GSM model devices have GPRS.

GPRS builds on the GSM network platform, thus operators will leverage their existing infrastructure, like base stations and Mobile change Centers (MSCs). The GPRS core network is predicated on net Protocol (IP) standards, that create it ideal for providing wireless access to different IP-based networks, like net Service suppliers (ISPs) and company native space Networks (LANs). The GPRS core conjointly is the inspiration for all ensuant steps toward 3G. for instance, once operators deploy EDGE and UMTS-HSPA, they utilize GPRS core components like entryway GPRS Support Nodes (GGSNs); this style ensures that every step within the migration to 3G is sleek and efficient.

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